Scorpio A Soulmate Union



Scorpio you could be experiencing a soulmate union. The manifestation of a true love union is just  around the corner this could be a distance love someone that you have been communicating with from a distance. 

Scorpio you have a deep soul connection with your person and you feel  their presence around you. Everywhere you go there is something that reminds you of them. That’s because you’re deep connection surpasses the physical your love goes as deep as a spiritual union. 

This is someone that thinks about how they can make A better life for the both of you. They are thinking about you and the future settling down with a family this is what they desire. They would like to share this union with you.

 Make A Wish

The 9 of cups  in the tarot tells you make your wish whatever you desire this is the season for it to come to pass. Remember to trust your instincts trust what your intuition tells you. This is a time for you to take risk on things that you may have been afraid of especially in Love and relationships. This is also a time to watch what you eat your diet and how you view yourself remember to love yourself and to treat your self your body as a temple.


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