Taurus Put Yourself First



Taurus Put Yourself First

The Lovers in reverse you have been hanging around someone that is not in your corner. That may be jealous of you. 

Make sure you take time out to heal as you move forward. Slow down and take time to reflect on what has happen to understand what you have been through. Remember loving yourself come first. 

Shine your inner light brightly, be a light unto your path, Allow the light to guide you also in your desired direction. Remember to meditate or pray before your next move. Taurus spirit has many things to reveal to you on your desired path.  

You will face your future with strength and boldness with a clear vision and direction on your next move. Now is the time for you to focus on the path you desire to take. 

In this season whatever is not working for you, you will find yourself moving forward. If someone is in your life that has not treated you with importance this is the season of change for the better and for people to see you as the valued person you are. 


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