Scorpio New Hope New Love

Scorpio hope and love comes to you for Sam this is a new beginning. This is a time where you could be reevaluating the people that are around you. Things are changing with the death card and new doors are opening for you. You may find that people may not understand why you’re doing what you’re doing or why the sudden change. Some of you may find that you’re not getting the attention or the love that you used to. And some of you may find that your relationship is being tested. The good news is that The star card comes to you. A new beginning arises in your life and you will finally find the security with the nine of pentacles that is needed on your journey.


The Scorpio and the Scorpio  Spirit 

The Scorpio ruled by the planet Mars in the 8th house which  deals with mysteries, rituals, sensual desire . You're a person with great courage with the ability to take action.Two powerful energies with aggressive drives that merge together in great passion. You are passionate when it comes to love and  unyielding when it comes to desire. Scorpios can love deeply with their heart. They can express their love in a deep and sensual way and  present a very charming style about themselves. Most times they can be very keen  in their thinking, even analytical at times.  They may tend to be private, personal and  introverted and desire to stay to themselves at times. They also can carry a possessive nature about themselves and for the one they love.

Insights On Relationships For This Year

Your relationship can be very intense and may want you to move with great passion however it may be wise to pace yourself with  your heart and emotions. This could be a relationship that carries great passion between the two, this also could be a relationship that may make you fall in love very quickly because it may grow to be very intense over time. During the reading the spirit showed me the number two. The number of unity, balance. and partnership. The number two speaks to my spirit as a new relationship, a relationship that’s in it’s new stages, Or this can be a relationship that is also slow moving that keeps its newness. This can be caused by not spending a lot of time together as well.  I see that this relationship can grow over time. The spirit shows me great passion and intense emotions for the future between you



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