Sagittarius The Golden Cup October 2020

Sagittarius twin flame union, which means that your relationship is ordained in the spiritual realm which goes deeper than the physical. The both of you are destined to be together it is meant to be this relationship. You will know that it’s meant to be because you are able to work together as a team you both have the same vision and you’re both working toward that same vision of spiritual unity and success and prosperity.

Sagittarius for some of you that are single are also in union with God you are following an ordained spiritual path. This path will lead to your soulmate your twin flame. For some of you are connected with your spiritual ancestors that  have crossed over. They are there to give guidance and to warn and protect you along our journey.

Sagittarius Watch The Signs

Sagittarius watch the sign of the eagle which will cause you to triumph over trouble and obstacles. Watch the sign of the turtle this energy will cause you to be patient and move slow but yet get ahead.Watch the sign of the pig for those that are not what they are to be that are more thinking about themselves they resemble your spirit guides. Also beware of those that are wearing a mask beware of those that appear more like frenemies than friends. You will know the one because your intuition will let you know and will guide you on the right path.

Know that you are perfect the way you are. Do not let anyone to tell you that you are less or your not worthy. Know that you deserve the best.

Ground yourself and pull from the strength you have within. Do things that brings happiness to your spirit. Know that you are loves and love yourself endlessly. 

Sagittarius spirit is taking you to a higher level. You will meet your soulmate this will be a very deep love. Your love is guided by the angels. You are under a cover of protection for you that are single as well as those that are in a partnership. 

Some of you have spirit guides  are you guardian angles that are protecting you. Those that are single have your spirit guides for you that are your ancestors that commune with you they are guiding you on your path or walking with you.  

expect great fulfillment on your journey on this journey your wish will be granted.

Sagittarius This Is Your Season

However there is a spiritual map or blueprint that you are following. Sagittarius there is a path that you will be taking  and the journey has not been easy however you have been persevering. You have a spiritual union you are being led by your spirit guides or your ancestors. 

For the singles this union your guides are connected to you. You already know who they are. Your ancestors that commune with you are guiding you on your spiritual path as well as protecting you. You may see them in dreams, signs or symbols.  Connect to your intuition great fulfillment will come for you. With this will come great fulfillment and happiness. You will get your heart desires with the wish card the eight of cups in the tarot. Get ready for abundance to come into your life.





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